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Stryx America Celebrates 10th Anniversary

  • Since launch the fund has delivered growth of 107.5 per cent net of fees (7.6 per cent compound annual growth rate) versus the S&P TR 500 index which returned 99.4 per cent (7.1 per cent compound annual growth rate) respectively in the same period.
  • Investment in the US Equity market is likely to remain a core area of asset allocation for institutional investors over the long term. The Stryx America Fund, with its long and consistently pursued investment process identifying quality growth companies, is managed as a natural solution for investors with a longterm investment horizon. It is suited to pension funds, endowments, funds of funds and family offices with long-run obligations and preservation of capital for future generations at heart.

The fund has followed the same strategy since its inception, selecting stocks that are identified and shortlisted through a rigorous, proprietary research processto form the ‘Seilern Universe’. Only the highest quality companies with superior business models, stable and predictable earnings, and a sustainable competitive advantage are selected for inclusion. Once selected, these companies are then held in a concentrated portfolio, on average 20 companies, for the long term, often for a period of many years.

Peter Seilern, founder of the company and architect of the investment process commented: “The value of what our investment team has done over the last 10 years with Stryx America is now clear from the performance record. Our philosophy, only to invest in the best, will, we believe, continue to pay off over the long-run. The key to our success is finding these companies and having the conviction to leave them to grow. These companies have proven they can perform across all cycles, and, ultimately, outperform the market.”

Raphaël Pitoun, Chief Investment Officer and Fund Manager of Stryx America, said: “We have proved our longterm approach can ride out market volatility and generate significant absolute performance over the cycle. We are convinced that in an investment world increasingly driven by short-termism, a meticulous and focused research process seeking out only the very best quality growth businesses will continue to drive significant returns.” Stryx funds are available on platforms throughout Europe.

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