The fund aims to achieve absolute returns with moderate risk. It invests in OECD country companies of the highest quality, with proven track records, sound financials and predictable future earnings growth.

The fund is actively managed and the MSCI World TR Index is the benchmark index against which the fund’s performance is compared. While a proportion of the fund’s assets may be components of (and have similar weightings to the index), the Investment Manager may use its discretion to invest a significant proportion of the fund in assets which are not included in the benchmark index or with weightings different to that of the benchmark index.

Investment philosophy

Fund information

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Time periodFund performanceMSCI World TRDifference
2024 YTD2.9%1.2%+1.7%
Since Launch443.0%241.8%+201.2%
CAGR 3Y6.9%8.0%-1.1%
CAGR 5Y13.2%11.4%+1.8%
CAGR 10Y12.4%9.1%+3.3%
CAGR Since Launch10.1%7.2%+2.9%

Source: Brown Brothers Harriman, USD U I share class, net of fees, as at 31 January 2024.


Risks of investing in the Fund

The Fund is subject to the following Risk Factors (without limitation):

  • The market price of shares may go down as well as up.
  • Investing in the fund involves investment risks, including possible loss of the amount invested.
  • Hedging risk: the fund may use derivatives for currency hedging purposes. The use of such derivatives may be unsuccessful. Further, when used for hedging purposes there may be an imperfect correlation between these instruments and the investments or market sectors being hedged.
  • For a more detailed explanation of the risks involved, please see “Risk Factors” in the fund’s prospectus.

Portfolio analytics & data

Categories Data  
% of portfolio with less than 5% involvement in oil & gas 100.0%  
Scope 1 emissions (Avg) 51,165  
Scope 2 emissions (Avg) 806,006  
% of portfolio with no evidence of labour relations controversies 90.5%  
% of portfolio with controversial weapons usage 0.0%  
% of portfolio with tobacco involvement 0.0%  
% of board independent 73.1%  
Categories Data  
Number of holdings 21  
12-month forward PE 30.4x  
Fund FCF yield (2023) 2.6%  
Weighted market capitalisation ($bn) 391  
Net debt / EBITDA (2023) -0.2x  
Return on invested capital (2023) 23.2%  
FCF / net profit (2023) 105%  
Weighted EPS growth (2023-25) 13.1% p.a.  

Source: Factset, Sustainalytics & Seilern Investment Management Ltd.  All figures calculated as the median, as at 31 January 2024.

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