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Seilern Investment Management wins two Lipper awards

These awards, coming shortly after Stryx World Growth reached its 20-year milestone, may be attributed to Seilern’s highly focused strategy; commitment to investing in quality growth businesses and holding them through the business cycle.

Seilern combines a rigorous process and proprietary research to identify the highest quality growth companies with superior business models, stable and predictable earnings, and a sustainable competitive advantage. The resulting shortlist, of no more than 70 companies in the world, forms the ‘Seilern Universe’, and from this pool of companies the fund managers select 17-25 stocks per fund providing investors with a concentrated high-conviction portfolio. Once invested, these companies are then held by the funds for the long-term, often for a period of many years.

Peter Seilern-Aspang, founder of the company and architect of the investment process commented: “It is very much a team effort at Seilern, so these awards mean a tremendous amount. We are very focused on finding the best companies and leaving them to grow, an approach that has worked well over the last 20 years.”

Peter Seilern-Aspang

Raphaël Pitoun, Chief Investment Officer and fund manager of Stryx World Growth, said: “These awards are a great endorsement of our disciplined approach to find the best quality growth companies in the world. Our exceptionally detailed research and our absolute focus on quality explain the excellent performance of Stryx World Growth and also that of Stryx Europa and Stryx America. This is the result of many years of irreplaceable and accumulated knowledge.”

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