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Seilern Funds FAQ

We are pleased to confirm that as of 2 September 2019, the Stryx fund range have been renamed to the Seilern funds. 

This follows the change of the umbrella fund name in 2016 and share class update in 2018. Our goal is to make the offering as transparent as possible and ensure continued access to the funds for all of our global client base.  We hope that by bringing all of our branding together under “Seilern Funds” will make finding information on our fund range simpler.

Below you will find answers to some frequently answered questions. 

What is changing?

After more than 30 years of quality growth investing, Seilern Investment Management, is turning the page to the next chapter of its development and rebranding the UCITS fund range under Seilern Funds.  This change is effective as of 2 September 2019.

All of the firm’s funds now start with the word “Seilern”, which replaces “Stryx”.  The funds will also be marketed under the brand name of Seilern Funds.

Below we have summarised the impact to the fund names.

Old NameNew Name
Stryx World Growth
Stryx Europa
Stryx America
Seilern World Growth
Seilern Europa
Seilern America

Why did you decide to rebrand?

What we do is simple – investing in the best quality growth companies in the world – and we wanted to reflect that simplicity in our branding.

From a practical point of view, as we grow our presence across new markets, and particularly in a world increasingly driven by data, it will be easier to find the Seilern fund range under a single brand.  This change ensures that the firms and the funds are known by the same name globally and we believe this will improve our visibility and simplify access to information for our clients. 

Why now?

As we commemorate our 30th year, we felt that there was an opportunity to ensure that our overall positioning was consistent and would better showcase our fund range. 

This process began in 2016 with the change of the umbrella fund name from Stryx International Funds to Seilern International Funds.

September 2016February 2018September 2019
Change of umbrella funds:

Stryx International Funds PLC becomes: Seilern International Funds PLC
The Stryx Global Fund PLC becomes: Seilern Balanced Fund PLC

Share class names are streamlined and Sub-funds start using branding of Seilern Stryx as a transitional period
Seilern Funds launched,
Removing all Stryx reference

Have your mission, vision, or core values changed?

No, they remain the same. We remain at the disposal of our clients – ever focused on their long-term

Are there any changes to the investment style, objective or team?

There are no changes to the investment style, objective, process or team.  The Seilern funds will be operate in exactly the same manner as they have been for the last 30 years.

Have the contact details changed?

Yes.  We will have new email addresses in the following format:

First initial followed by surname @seilernfunds.com.  To use our investor relations team as an example:

Cassie Berthoux[email protected]
Chris Jones[email protected]
Client Services[email protected]

Existing @seilerinvest.com email addresses will continue to function and will be forwarded.Please feel free to reach out to any of these contacts if you have any questions. 

Is the website changing?

Yes.  All fund information will now be available on WWW.SEILERNFUNDS.COM.

Seilerninvest.com will remain as a website for the investment advisor based in London and will have clear links to the relevant fund information housed on WWW.SEILERNFUNDS.COM.

Is the office moving?

No, both the mailing address and telephone numbers remain unchanged at:

43 Portland Place

London UK, W1B 1QH


How are you communicating this change?

Throughout the process we have been in regular communication with our stakeholders, including intermediaries to end clients, to make them aware of the changes we are making.

Does this impact platforms and data providers?

Yes, we have worked with all external partners to ensure that the name change has been reflected across all relevant data providers and platforms.  New KIIDS and Prospectus should be updated on these platforms as of 2 September 2019.

Does the name change impact any of the fund codes?

No.  All share class codes – ISINs, WKNs, Sedols and Bloomberg tickers– remain exactly the same.

Does the change impact how I can invest?

No.  Our Transfer Agent, Brown Brothers Harriman Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited, remains the same.  Investments may also be made through a range of intermediaries and platforms, including AJ Bell, Allfunds, Ascentric, Attrax, Comdirect, Consorsbank, DWP, FFB Fil Fondsbank, Inversis, Moventum, MFEX, Trasact, and UBS Fondcentre. Other platforms are also available, please contact your platform provider if our funds are not yet available.  We will endeavour to make our funds available to you.

Do I need to do anything?

No.  There is no impact to our investors. 

How do I contact you if I have questions?

Please contact us by email on [email protected] or by telephone at +44 (0) 2074941996.

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