Our investment philosophy is driven by a long-term perspective and a commitment to investing in quality growth businesses.

We look for exceptional businesses that demonstrate superior growth prospects, sustainable competitive advantages, high returns on invested capital, and that have low or no net debt.

We seek companies with the following charecteristics:

  • Scalable Business
  • Superior Industry Growth 
  • Consistent Industry Leadership 
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Strong Organic Growth 
  • Wide Geographic & Customer Diversification 
  • Asset Light & Profitable 
  • Solid Financial Position 
  • Transparent Accounts 
  • Excellent Management & Corporate Governance


We are extremely selective and only around 70 of the world’s listed equities fulfil our criteria and are admitted into investment universe. The Seilern Universe is at the core of our investment process and represents the pool of companies that our fund managers may invest in. The turnover of the Seilern Universe is low as the companies we seek are rare and typically perform over market cycles.


Each company in the Seilern Universe is rigorously researched by our in-house team of research analysts, both during the vetting process and once it has been admitted into the Universe. We conduct a bottom-up analysis, looking at the industry and the company’s competitors, speaking with the management teams, and exploring growth drivers and competitive advantages. Each of our research analysts cover no more than 14 companies, allowing them to understand and value their companies.  This level of research gives our team a deep understanding of the companies in the Seilern Universe.


We take a long-term view with all of the companies within the Seilern Universe. We have a low turnover in the portfolios, with an average holding period of approximately four years.


This in-depth research ensures that a company only enters a portfolio if we have a high conviction for it. The portfolios in each of the Stryx funds hold between 17-25 of our highest-conviction companies.